About Stellar Academy

Stellar Academy, a sister school of the esteemed Honsbridge International in Petaling Jaya, aims to provide a holistic international education featuring the best British curriculum such as UK Cambridge Primary and Secondary IGCSE, Singapore Maths and a strong Mandarin programme for aspiring students aged 7 to 17 years old.

At Stellar, we aim to provide our boys and girls with the very best possible all-round education. There are a few essential components to such an education: excellent teaching and pastoral care, a wide range of co-curricular opportunities and a conducive learning environment that students will look forward to schooling everyday. We, the management team at Stellar, strive to ensure that all strands which make up an all-round education are strong.

Ultimately, we believe every student deserves a supportive and enjoyable learning experience while in school, and should leave Stellar happy, confident and prepared for the next stage of their life.

Our motto is very simple

“Instilling Strength and Courage To Do Right”
illustrates the Stellar ethos and two core values which are at the heart of everything we do here at Stellar Academy – our core values of Respect and Responsibility.

RESPECT includes qualities such as kindness, understanding, compassion and equality, while RESPONSIBILITY means excellence, trust, obedience and sustainability.

Our Commitments

  • To nurture students to their fullest academic potential through effective teaching.
  • To equip students with critical thinking skills, to be creative, innovative and independent learners.
  • To provide counselling and placement opportunities for their higher education. Through counselling, students may develop their personal and educational aspirations.

Finally, we have bounds of energy to drive eco-friendly initiatives to do our part for the environment and the next generation.

International Recognition of Cambridge Primary / IGCSE Qualification

Students typically need five IGCSE/ O Level / SPM subjects at grades A to C to be sure of a place in the higher education of a good college.

At the end of the programme, students can begin studying for programmes such as Cambridge A-levels, International Baccalaureate (IB), Southern Australian Matriculation (SAM), Canadian Matriculation Programme (CPU), or even American Degree Programme (ADP) in local colleges or overseas.

Since Honsbridge establishment in 2008, we have prepared over 200 students or 19 cohorts who have successfully completed Cambridge IGCSE / O Level with stellar IGCSE/ O Level Results in Physics (A), English (B-A), Math (B-A), Additional Math (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (B-A) since 2010.

Academic Excellence

What makes learning at Stellar unique and effective is the combination of:

  • Highly qualified academics who are masters of their own craft in delivering all lessons.
  • Small class sizes ensure that teachers are able to focus their time and attention on individual students.
  • Good discipline is enforced in the growing school. We strive to develop good discipline and values in students in school with the support from parents. At Stellar, we try our best to instill positive attitude and attendance above all.
  • Dedicated contact time throughout the year in Multi-disciplinary Enrichment Programmes aim to build an individual’s confidence, critical thinking skills and self-esteem through various personal & teamwork development activities (E.g. Physical Education, Debate & Public Speaking, Arts & Craft, Science & Art Festival, Language Day, Singing, Music & Dance Enrichment, Business & Entrepreneur Workshop, Go Green Challenge and Mixed Martial Arts e.t.c).
  • Annual Student Character Building and Educational Events e.g. Brewery Biology Tour, Soap Making Chemistry Tour, College & University campus visitation, Speech Day, Sports Day, Motivational & Study Skills Workshop, Drug Awareness Workshop and Talent Day.
  • Dedicated supervised study and preparatory session for all students. The sessions promote peer learning and teachers help the students to learn independently.
  • Consecutive 18 graduate batches of outstanding IGCSE/ O Level Results in Physics (A), English (B-A), Math (A), Additional Math (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (B) since 2010.
  • Strong testimonials and recommendation from parents and graduates since 2009.
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