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First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity on this stage to thank Stellar’s management team, Ms. Alicia and teachers. Ms Alicia, thank you for assisting me with my scholarship application and for your constant guidance throughout my journey here in Stellar. To my beloved teachers- Mr. Foong, Dr. Catherine, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Pat, thank you for being my biggest support in my studies. I could never envision my life in Stellar without your wisdom. My backbone, my family, you have played a major role in my life that contributed to the success I have achieved today. You have nurtured me, physically and mentally to be the person I am today. 


Thanks to Stellar Academy, my results skyrocketed. I managed to get 9As in my IGCSE examinations 2019 (3A* and 6A in my latest examinations). With these results, I was able to obtain an A-level scholarship from Sunway College to further my studies. Last year, I was also a class mentor for my classmates for the English, ICT, Business, Biology, and Chemistry. Besides that, I also designed a poster for Stellar’s Science Art and Music Fair last year, which  was used to promote the annual event.


I would also like to give a small piece of advice to my juniors and future graduates: Actively participate in school activities. Your achievements and involvement in these programs will definitely be a sweet addition when you are applying to a college in the future. 


Besides that, I made friendships that will last beyond the doors of Stellar and I will treasure them till the end. Despite our differences, we still managed to come together as one. Often, we look outside for heroes, but I see them amongst us, sitting here in the audience. When we leave here today, party hard and celebrate what we’ve accomplished, and also look forward to the challenges ahead. Congratulations class of 2019! Thank you.


-Jade Poon Yuet Sum, class of 2019-

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