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Higher Education In Stellar Academy

We aim to provide a relevant programme and develop our pupils holistically that will support them moving forward into higher education. They have the support of the Principal, Stellar Honsbridge Advisory panel, Head of Academic, tutors and subject teachers, as well as Stellar’s partnered Advisor & Careers’ Advisor from Studyexcel Malaysia.

Studyexcel will provide express services such as assisting students in applications and enrolments into schools, colleges and universities throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, The United Kingdom, New Zealand and The USA.

They have a strong team of guidance counsellors who are there to provide educational counselling and advice on pathways and options into schools, colleges and universities as well as career guidance based on market trends, needs and future prospects.

This means students after completion of Cambridge IGCSE successfully, they will be able to make realistic and achievable university course choices knowing that they have the skills to bring their plans to fruition.

We are proud to announce that almost all Honsbridge’s pupils go on to higher education, with the vast majority of these achieving their first choice. We place a great deal of emphasis on preparing the pupils throughout their programme to achieve this aim, by providing information, guidance, and opportunities to make reasoned choices before the application process begins.

For more information, you may email us your academic results / SPM / IGCSE results at We will reply within three (3) working days.

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