Fee Structure 2024

Term Fees - Due One Month Before Term Starts
 FeeYear 1 - 2Year 3 - 6Year 7 - 910 & 11
 Enrollment Fee (One-time)
 Application Fee RM 200 RM 200
 Registration Fee RM800
 Deposit Fee (Refundable) RM 3,000 RM 5,000
 Annual Fees
 Academic Fee RM 15,000 / annum RM 17,000 / annum RM 21,000 / annum RM 23,000 / annum
 Enrichment Activity Fee RM - RM -
 Resource Fee - Science & Technology RM 1,000 RM 1,200 RM 1,200
 English Additional Language (EAL) RM 800 per term (based on academic needs)

Admission Policy

The Academy takes into consideration the birth date of the student, the system the applicant is transferring from, and the year level most recently completed. Please speak to our admission counsellor for assistance.

Application & Acceptance of Offer

To apply, parents will need to complete the Student Application Form along with a non-refundable fee of RM200 along with a copy of applicant’s identification card, copy of school report card of academic results. An offer will be given within three to five working days upon completion of the test or test review. The offer willl be valid for one month or depending on seat availability. To accept an offer, a copy of the parent’s identification card, student birth certificate and medical and health declaration is required. A non-refundable registration fee and deposit if due upon acceptance of the offer. 

We also offer:

  • Siblings discounts:   5% discount for the 2nd child, 10% for the 3rd child and subsequent child.
  • Advance payment discount: a 4% discount off for one year academic fee.


Scholarship worth RM2,000 for Year 7 or Year 10 entry will be given to students who scored straight As in an external Checkpoint exams at Year 6 or Year 9.

Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions:

Updated on 27th of April 2023.

 1.  A non-refundable Application Fee is required to process your child’s application.  Registration fee and deposit is due upon acceptance of the offer.

2.  All fees paid are not refundable nor transferable to another student’s account or another term.  

3.  Tuition Fees exclude uniforms, meals, project or activity materials, textbooks, school trips, leadership camp, remedial lessons (optional) and external examination fees.  

4.  All fees must be paid one month before the term starts.  Late payment fee of RM100 per week will be imposed for payment made after the due date. Students will be barred from classes and deposit will be forfeited in case of continual late payment without prior communication with the management.

5.  Payment may be made by cheque (in person or bank in), FPX via Payex, direct deposit/ transfer into bank account detailed below:

     Bank NameMaybank
     Account Number5148-4233-6542

Please forward a copy of your bank-in slip or bank receipt indicating the student’s name to account@stellaracademy.edu.my for issuance of official receipt.

6. Students are considered to be enrolled until the completion of their course, i.e. finishing Cambridge IGCSE examination once they have registered with Stellar Academy.

 7. No cash payment is accepted. 

8.  The Security Deposit is fully refundable subject to the Rules & Regulations regarding sufficient notice of termination of studies. Parents who are withdrawing their child from the Academy are required to give, in formal writing and submit a Withdrawal Notification Form with a minimum of four (4) months notice.  

9. Students who are admitted to the Academy within the first two months will be charged a full term fee; admitted in the second half of any term are charged half of the basic term fee. There is no monthly instalment nor further reduction however late into the term the student is admitted.

10. Advance payment made for a term is fully refundable in case of withdrawal upon meeting the condition of notification period. All discounts will be forfeited if a student is withdrawn before the completion of a term. 

11. Term Fees paid for the current term are non-refundable and non-transferable.

12. All fees are subject to annual reviews to ensure we can continue to ensure stellar education and services.  Stellar Academy reserves the absolute right and discretion to revise the terms and conditions herein from time to time including any part of the Fee Schedule, Discounts and Promotions after giving prior notice of no less than two months.  For the most up to date information, please refer to www.stellaracademy.edu.my . 

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