Admission & Registration

All new applicants (students) are required to bring along a copy of personal Identification Card, birth certificate and recent school report card/ results .

  1. Students transferring from public / private and international school will be admitted based on age and level completed in the school PLUS a credit pass in English and Mathematics are achieved in current school.
  2. Students who are home-schooled/ transferring from centres will be admitted based on their ability with age as a reference.
  3. Exceptional case: Offer may be given for exceptional case subject to outstanding academic result / relocation etc.

Please note that all students are required to sit for admission test as follows:

Year GroupAdmission test
YEAR 4, 5, 6English language & Mathematics
YEAR 7, 8, 93 subjects: English language, Mathematics & Science
YEAR 10, 113 subjects: English language, Mathematics & Science

* Students who do not meet the entry requirement will be given conditional offer and will need to attend remedial classes/ holiday programme.

Admission procedure:
  1. It is compulsory for all new students to sit for Stellar Academy Admission test and an interview prior to acceptance into the programme. A one-time payment of RM100 is payable for the test. An offer will be given to student who meets the entry requirement.
  2. To accept the offer, parent is required to complete the registration by paying the Deposit in order to secure a place at Stellar Academy.
  3. Due dates of registration and payment will be stated in the Offer Letter (via e-mail) if your child’s application is successful upon completion of the Admission test and Interview.
  4. Stellar Academy reserves the absolute right and discretion to revise the terms and conditions herein from time to time including any part of the Fee Schedule without prior notice.
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